Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet and Greet Alodia Gosiengfiao Today at SM's Davao Cyber Expo 2011

Hubby and me loves to see cosplay and whenever there are cosplays in the city, we never let it pass without witnessing it. Today is the culmination of the Davao Cyber Expo held at SM Davao's Event Center which runs from July 29-31, 2011. A lot of activities were being conducted like the DOTA challenge for those who are very fond of playing this game.

Blinque TechXtreme which offers a great selection of your hardware and PC installation needs will showcase what they've got. In-house tournaments with street fighter VI are also made possible by Intel, the leading brand when it comes to your PC needs and its accessories. It will be a fun-filled event as participants will get a chance to defeat the elite DCWired teams in various games and get instant cash prizes at the DCW Open Challenge.

Of course, we'll get a chance to greet and meet the queen of Philippine cosplay, Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao, the pretty lass who is a head-turner and can carry whatever role she wants to portray in a cosplay.

To all Dabawenyos and the people from neighboring provinces, let's all witness this event. See you at the DCE at SM Davao.

For more info, you may log on to
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dinner at Mandarin Tea Garden with Siblings and Hubby

My twin and my other siblings came over here in the city of Davao. My twin wanted to buy laptop, a digital camera and cellphone. She wanted hubby to accompany her with buying the laptop because hubby is a computer engineer and he knows about computer specifications and he already researched which brand is good.

After buying everything she wants to buy, she treat us with a dinner at Mandarin Tea Garden. We ordered supreme siomai which I did not eat because I have an allergy with shrimps. We also ordered pancit guisado, beef ampalaya, beef steak and fish fillet. I was the one who consumed almost all the fish fillet. It's very delicious and guilt-free because I know it's not gonna trigger neither me nor my daughter's allergy plus the fact that it's not laden with so much cholesterol.

We also ordered durian shake, my favorite. My niece had her four season juice and fresh fruit salad. Having able to bond with my siblings is a good feeling especially when we are feasting yummy foods in front of us:).

Sharing to you some photos:
me and my siblings

hubby with my siblings...beside hubby is tata, weng(my twin), orville (my only brod), langging (our youngest) and Mahal(my niece, weng's daughter)

durian shake

four seasons juice

beef steak

beef ampalaya

pancit guisado

fish fillet

fresh fruit salad with dressing

supreme siomai

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Join SM Davao's Free Biofuel Seminar and Green Retail Agenda on July 26-27, 2011

As part of SM Supermalls corporate social responsibility initiatives, SM City Davao is holding a Biofuel Seminar on July 26 and the Green Retail Agenda on July 27.

SM’s CSR goals encourage positive impacts through activities on the environment, consumers and employees, surrounding communities, stakeholders and all members of the public sector. Social and environmental interests are at the core of SM’s business operations, especially through the efforts of the SM Cares program.

The Biofuel Forum on Tuesday, 2 PM is mounted for the local transport sector and other concerned private individuals. It will gather resource speakers from Department of Energy, Department of Environment and Natural Resources XI, Land Transportation Office and a local manufacturer of a biofuel additive.

The Green Retail Agenda, dubbed Empowerment through Sustainability on Wednesday, 1 PM, will target the business sector and students of business courses in the city. Green Retail Agenda will feature noteworthy environment practices and programs of both government and private organizations. It is aimed at promoting sustainable business operations.

Admission is free. For reservations and inquiries, please call 297.6998
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Film Literacy Program Launched at SM Cinema

ABS-CBN Marketing Director Marjorie So, Star Cinema SVP Malou Santos, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro with SM Cinema's SVP Edgar Tejerero

SM Cinema recently launched its Center for New Cinema, which aims to utilize SM theaters as alternative classrooms for review centers, workshops, stage plays, and film reviews during the 9am to 1PM slot at SM City Manila.

Part of this is a Film Literacy Program held in cooperation with award winning filmmaker Nick Deocampo and the Department of Education. In line with this, Deocampo has prepared a Film Literacy Kit, which includes lectures on critically acclaimed films like The Flor Contemplacion Story by Joel Lamangan, Foster Child by Brillante Mendoza, Jose Rizal by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, Mins’y Isang Gamu-Gamo by Lupita Concio, Memories of Old Manila by Nick Deocampo, Sisa by Gerardo de Leon, Batas Militar by Mike Alcazaren.

It also includes a lesson plan for a selection of educational indie movies by Eddie Garcia, Eddie Romero, Rory Quintos, Raymond Red, Jose Mari Avellana, Mike de Leon, Ishmael Bernal, and Lino Brocka, among others.

These movies tackle topics such as history, social and political issues, values, human rights, religion, and many other subjects that are helpful as an alternative medium of instruction. Lecturers now have the option to choose a film from the kit, request for a film of their choice from SM Cinema, with the option to watch it at the SM theaters or at their own auditorium.

Secretary of Education Brother Armin Luistro and Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim were the guests of honor during the launch, and were joined by Star Cinema SVP Malou Santos and ABS-CBN Marketing Director Marjorie So. SM Cinema SVP Edgar Tejerero and SM Supermalls AVP for Operations Royston Cabunag welcomed them during the event, which also included a the formal turnover of the film literacy kits to the Department of Education, as well as a lecture by Nick Deocampo and the screening of his film Sine/Cine.

Kadayawan Festival 2011 Budget Increased

Kadayawan Festival - 0303
Few days from now and we'll already welcome the month of August. It is one of the most awaited months for Dabawenyos because the Kadayawan festival falls on this month. Last year's budget for the Kadayawan festival was 11 million. But for this year, organizers promised a grander. livelier Kadayawan festivities and increased the budget to 12.5 million.

The bulk of the budget is shouldered by the private sector, amounting to 9.5 million while the rest will be shouldered by the city government of Davao. Sayaw Mindanao and Moda Mindanaw will be included in the month-long celebration of the kadayawan next month. The highlights of the festivities will be Grand Kadayawan Trade Fair at Davao Convention Center, Lumadnong Gama, Hudyakaan, Indak-indak sa Kadalanan, Philippine International Tatto Arts Festival, Tunog Mindanaw and Hiyas ng Kadayawan. The festival will be handled by the Du-aw Davao Festival Foundation.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nice Corporate Dresses at SM Davao

Proper dress code is a must if you are in the corporate world or when you are at work or office. Being properly dressed commands respect and it somehow speaks and reflects the person that you are. There are a lot of formal dresses nowadays and all you have to do is choose which one best suits your style and taste.

At a time when women are equally comfortable chairing boardroom meetings, corporate dressing has taken a whole new direction.

Dressing styles now vary according to industry to reflect the culture and ethics of the work place – more conservative clothes, for example in banks, and more casual dressing in ad agencies. Casual Fridays is also catching up in corporate circles as a tool to make employees more comfortable with the organization and their colleagues.

Younger employees coming into the work force are more fashion conscious, and love to experiment with style even in formal wear. Dressing perfectly to work everyday is important for the complete look and feel for the employees.

Yes, the rules have changed, and we can get caught up in some corporate dressing confusion. Here are some tips on cracking the corporate dressing code from SM’s exclusive corporate wear labels, Alexane and Classics.

Power broker. Black and white striped A-line skirt, white woven shirt and black 2-button jacket

Perfectly suited. Loosely structured gray pantsuit

Time management. Black belted dress with high neckline and dolman sleeves

Skirting the issue. Floral printed straight skirt

From desk to date. Black belted shift dress

Boardroom agenda. Abstract printed straight skirt

Corporate culture. Nude pant suit with belted jacket and wide leg pants

Deal maker. Printed black and white button-down woven shirt

Dress for Success. Gray dress with banded wait and tulip cut bottom

Read the fine print. Short sleeved button-down shirt with optical print.

Paradign shift. Off white tailored shift dress

The art of business. Nehru woven shirt with painterly abstract prints

  • Treat your business clothing as an investment and choose wisely. Make sure you buy classic styles that suit your body shape, are comfortable, have quality workmanship and materials. SM has all the clothes that work – sleek jackets, straight skirts, pants, and shift dress.
  • Dresses are in and in a big way, not only are they comfortable, they also exude sophistication and professionalism. A sheath dress works well even when worn just by itself, and you can choose to accessorize it. A jersey dress is the ultimate crease-free corporate wear, which doubles up as an evening dress when you dress it up with a sheer or trendy jacket.
  • If your company has a more casual dress code, polo shirts, sports coats, and twill shirts will give a professional yet trendy appearance. Check out the collection of shirts from Alexane and Classics at the Ladies Wear Department.
  • Whatever your style, always dress to impress. Always remember that people are one of the strongest expressions a company can have of its corporate brand, and impressions that people create do say a lot about the company’s work ethics or corporate brand image. And your dressing style bears great weight on the first impression you can create.

With the increasing number of choices in corporate dressing, you can not only look your part, but also exude immense confidence while feeling comfortable. The Alexane and Classics collection is available at the Ladies Wear Department of the SM Department Store.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Lunch at Hukad sa Golden Cowrie, 2nd Level at Abreeza Mall, Davao City

Last Sunday, grandpa invited us for a lunch at Hukad located at the second level of Abreeza Ayala Mall. He has tried eating there and told us that food in that restaurant is delicious. We had a late breakfast that Sunday so we left home for Abreeza at past 12 noon already. When we arrived at Hukad, there were already plenty of diners.

Grandpa and grandma ordered Bicol express and grilled blue marlin while me and hubby ordered lechon kawali and kinilaw. Troy's favorite is chicken so as usual, he ordered grilled chicken. As for the drinks, I'm not into softdrinks so I ordered mango juice. Hubby has his coke. Grandpa and grandpa ordered sago at gulaman which they shared with our little sweetheart because she like it very much. Grandpa also ordered single scoop ice cream for all of us for our dessert.

Signage ....


the restaurant

blue marlin, grilled

rice with Bicol express

grilled chicken

Foods we ordered were really yummy so we cleaned up all the plate.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heavy Eating with Chowking Lauriat at Gaisano Mall Davao

After work, me and my wife went to Gaisano Mall Davao to buy groceries. When we got there, we went directly to the Metrobank ATM machine to withdraw money for the groceries. But to our dismay the machine cannot dispense anymore cash. Although there were other ATM machines in the place, we didn't even bother trying to withdraw anymore, because before we have experienced withdrawing in other machines only to be deducted 50 pesos or 100 pesos. So since we don't have money for the groceries and what we can muster in our wallet is a 500 peso bill, and we were so frustrated not being able to withdraw money and we were so hungry (sometimes being frustrated can really makes me hungry) we decided to eat at Chowking.

Usually we would order braised beef or soup, but this time we were that hungry we went for a lauriat hahahaha. I ordered a chicken lauriat while wifey had a breaded fish lauriat. After our dinner, whoaa we were very full. Chowking's lauriat really is a heavy meal (Heavy on the stomach as well on the pocket hahahahaha).

me...obviously enjoying my food

for me...

...and for my wife

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