Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heavy Eating with Chowking Lauriat at Gaisano Mall Davao

After work, me and my wife went to Gaisano Mall Davao to buy groceries. When we got there, we went directly to the Metrobank ATM machine to withdraw money for the groceries. But to our dismay the machine cannot dispense anymore cash. Although there were other ATM machines in the place, we didn't even bother trying to withdraw anymore, because before we have experienced withdrawing in other machines only to be deducted 50 pesos or 100 pesos. So since we don't have money for the groceries and what we can muster in our wallet is a 500 peso bill, and we were so frustrated not being able to withdraw money and we were so hungry (sometimes being frustrated can really makes me hungry) we decided to eat at Chowking.

Usually we would order braised beef or soup, but this time we were that hungry we went for a lauriat hahahaha. I ordered a chicken lauriat while wifey had a breaded fish lauriat. After our dinner, whoaa we were very full. Chowking's lauriat really is a heavy meal (Heavy on the stomach as well on the pocket hahahahaha).

me...obviously enjoying my food

for me...

...and for my wife

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  1. HI Sam, weeeh long time no hear.. hahaha thanks for the visit Sam.. kaon sa ko ana.. ugma na

  2. dito kumakain ang masarap kumain!!! CHOWKING!!!

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