Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lunch at Garden by the Bay

It's a beautiful Sunday and we woke up very late because there's no work. After few minutes of taking our breakfast, Papa invited us for a lunch in a restaurant inside Garden by the Bay. It's just near to where we live and we brought with us Keona's swim suit so that she can just swim in case she wants to because there's a swimming pool inside the resort.

We arrive at around 11:30 in the morning and only few people were there. Papa right away ordered our food - fried rice, chicken barbecue for Troy, lechon kawali, kinilaw, mongolian spare ribs and plain rice for me, Keona and mama. We can't eat fried rice because there's egg on it and we are having an allergy to eggs and chicken.

Few minutes, we waited our order and we roam around the place. I like the place because it's not crowded. There are a number of cottages for people who are bringing foods with them. But if you don't have foods, you can just order from the restaurant like what we did. A lot of children are having fun at the pool, swimming.

Some photos of the place...

Our food consist of...

lechon kawali


fried rice

Mongolian spare ribs

posing while waiting for our order

my man and my girl went swimming after eating

floating restaurant

the swimming pool

a number of cottages

Garden by the bay is a great place to relax and unwind because you feel the gentle breeze against your skin since it's located along the seashore. You also get to enjoy the spectacular view of Samal island and the colorful boats that went to and fro fetching beach goers to the beautiful beaches and resorts in the nearby Samal island. I hope you have a great weekend friends:).

Garden by the Bay Beach Resort
Maryknoll Drive, Lanang, Davao City

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vacation for our Parents

My parent's wedding anniversary is coming this March. Me and my sisters, the 4 of us, are planning to give a special gift to our parents. Since the four of us all have stable jobs, we decided to give our parents a vacation tour, and let them travel in Turkey. I'm really sure they would be surprised, because it's out of the country, a place where they have never been, even me and my sister have not been in Turkey.

We searched the net and its a nice place to spend a vacation in. We even found a site that have a holiday accommodation. We already book the two of them in a Lycia villa rentals. I'm sure they are gonna be thrilled when they begin to see those lovely landscape and beaches. My parents really love going to the beach swimming in its turquoise waters. We may be shelling out bucks from our pockets but the joy on our parents face when they will get the news is worth every money me and my sister would spend.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have always wanted to try shawarma. The other day, me and hubby dropped by at Robinson's looking for Keona's milk which was unavailable in other department stores. We saw a foodcart of shawarma but we did not buy anymore because I was full.

Yesterday, on our way home from Mintal, we dropped by at SM to buy Keona's milk because my officemate told me it's available there. After buying groceries, we saw the same foodcart of shawarma and since it was snacks time, we bought shawarma so that we can taste it.

It tasted good, we chose the one with cheese. I like the spicy taste mixed with sauce and some veggies.

The name of the food cart is Leylam shawarma. Here are some of their specialties:

  • beef shawarma
  • beef shawarma with cheese
  • beef shawarma all meat with cheese
  • shawarma rice
  • shawarma rice with egg

I want to taste kabab next time...Have a great weekend friends!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December 2010 Top EC Droppers


Thank you very much to my top EC droppers for the month of December 2010. Thank you very much also for the visitors and those who made comments. It means so much to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. Hugs and kisses to all of you.

Dropper # of drops
Technology News 24
Learn Affiliate Marketing 23
Lakbay Philippines 22
Notes On Living 21
Funky Town Disco Music 20
The Box 19
Welcome to My Diary 18
Indonesian Flash Game 17
Hitechblast 17
Digital Rebel350 16

Nice Scrub Suit for my Nurse Sister

My sister Jealyne who works as a nurse in our small town has been looking for pretty nursing scrubs. She wants to change her old, worn-out uniform, some of which were still her nursing uniforms when she was a practicing nurse way back in college. Yes, that's how frugal my sister is. As long as her uniform is still functional, she wears it. But this time, she needs a new set of scrub pants and scrub tops.

Being thrifty that she is, my sister asked for my help in looking for a place where she could buy cheap scrub and I just told her that she just have to be patient and look for it online so she can save time. She doesn't need to travel to the city and shop because there are plenty available online.


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