Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lose some pounds, at the same time save electricity bills?

Even though its still a few months before December, but when the ber-month enter the calendar. There will
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be quite a party here and there. Losing weight can be as tough as lessening your monthly power bills. We tend to underestimate our consumption and still manage to get surprised once wee see our bills and bellies.

Our very own Davao Light and Power Company has come up with a few tricks that will help us save money as we lose weight.

Walk. If we walk more often instead of merely warming the couch and staring at different sizes of monitors, we are bound to lose some weight. Implanting your lazy self in the lounge will cost you the extra fat from all the food you'll be eating and more power consumed by your television and everything that is turned on with it. Walk or jog your way to the market, around the office, and even around the village if you have the time.

Dance. Saying you can't do any Zumba, Taebo and any other aerobic routine without an expensive gadget on blasted speakers is a very weak excuse. If you set your mind to regularly exercise and dance your excess weight off, the volume, attire and venue won't even matter.

Go fresh. Eat fresh fruits and drink plenty of room temperature water instead of spending too much on diet shakes and whatnot that will require you to pay more and do more. Some weight loss diets will require you to blend, bake and but pretty expensive ingredients when you can just go green, plant in your back yard and have fresh organic snacks for free.

Use time wisely. If you want to sweat it out, you don't need to hit the gym all the time. You don't even need to plug-in that treadmill. Time yourself with a watch and do all the household chores that you can in your spare time. Cleaning the house will require you to walk around, lift things up and down, reach out and use your strength for so many reasons, with this, you get to keep the house and your body in order.

Take a breather. While "personal energy generators" that harness the energy generated by a moving person are still quite expensive, we can make our phone batteries juice last longer by not over using it. Try putting your gadgets away when you are working on something, gardening or merely meditating. This may just save you the power you would have used up every time you check on your social networking sites.

Our love for powering up our appliances at home is the same attitude weight gainer have towards food. We just have to outsmart our lazy and stressed selves to make a real difference. If we practice discipline in whatever we do, it won't be long for our lifestyles to excitingly improve in wealth, and more importantly, in health.


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