Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Acquaintance Party at Green Isle Resort

Last weekend, we had an acquaintance party at Green Isle Resort in Samal Island, (Island Garden City of Samal). The resort is not as famous as the other resorts in Samal but we chose the place as a venue because the owner of the resort is a former colleague and so we were able to get a discount for the payment in using the place. We have never been to the place as well, so for a change, we had our acquaintance party at Green Isle Resort.

Little girl having fun with my officemates and colleagues

Green Isle is just a medium-size resort and its developments are still on going. They are constructing now a new building in addition to the existing beach house and a number of closed cottages made of native materials. In the lower portion, near the seashore, there are a number of open cottages which is very cozy if you want to get closer to the beach. I love the fact that the place is generally cool. You don't feel the heat of the sun because there are still plenty of trees surrounding the place.

playing volleyball and parlor games

When we were there, we had the place exclusive for us which made me more appreciate the Green Isle Resort. The space is just fitted for us numbering about a hundred. We enjoyed a lot playing volleyball and a lot of parlor games.

I also brought with me my little girl and it was her first time to go to the beach after being prohibited by her surgeon after her operation for fear of infection. My little one is enjoying a lot, dancing with the videoke music, cheering together with some colleagues when each team were playing volleyball in the field.

We had our food catered by Green Isle. Our food consist of pork fillet, beef afritada, pancit, lechon and fruit desserts like watermelon and pineapple. We had so much fun. And I was very happy that my little girl was enjoying a lot too.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Native Delicacies

When I went to a trade fair in the city hall with hubby, I was amused to find these foods that I have never tasted. Some of the foods look familiar but there are also those that I find really rare. You can never see them sold in malls or department stores. The booth that display those delicacies are owned by our Maguindanao, Tausog and Maranao Muslim brothers. Aside from foods, their booth also showcased some native products made by them.

Hubby, the ever curious one tried to buy some of these foodies and he loves the taste of the sweet ones like dudol . Have a great Saturday everyone. Happy weekend:).

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Meeting my sister at Marco Polo Hotel

Me and my sister

My sister Jealyne who is a nurse in a government hospital attended a seminar on rabies at Marco Polo Hotel Davao. Since we live far from each other, we need to have a lot of catching up to do. We agreed to meet at her room and had our chit chatting there. After updating each other with our respective lives, we then had a stroll around the hotel. Thanks to hubby who was our photographer:). I'm not gonna talk much about my sister here nor about the seminar because I'm not the one attending it, but I'm gonna talk about Marco Polo hotel since this is a travel blog.

Marco Polo Hotel is located right in the heart of Davao City, along C. M. Recto Street (a.k.a Claveria). It is very accessible to Davao's shopping and business establishments. The hotel offers a unique blend of Western comfort and Asian hospitality, making it one of the premier hotels in the city.

Marco Polo Hotel Davao is a true world class hotel that stands for elegance and warm Filipino hospitality. It has 245 exquisitely designed rooms and suites all with beautiful vistas, overlooking Mt. Apo or Davao Gulf.

What does it offer?

Lazuli Spa - a stunning architecture of modern Asian settings, the Lazuli spa is a perfect recluse with four single rooms and one couple's suite. Each room has an individual portable media player with a list of music to choose from . For a more customized feel, you have your choice of color lighting and scents to soothe you.

Restaurants and bars:
  • Cafe Marco - known as city's longest buffet, Cafe Marco offers aa unique dining experience with endless arrays of sumptuous meals amidst its sophisticated, yet casual ambience.
  • Lotus Court - Get into the oriental mood with an elegant Chinese setting, the finest and authentic Cantonese cuisine and fresh seafood that only the hotel's signature dining room can give.
  • Lobby Lounge - Relax in a soothing sound of live entertainments you sit down, enjoy your fave drink and savor high tea selections to cap your special afternoons.
  • Eagles - Relish get together with friends and family with a relaxing jazz music with a blast of delectable drinks.
  • Polo Bistro Pool Lounge - A dazzling play of colors surround you you as you relish intercontinental and award winning cuisines at the Polo bistro.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Motor Week at Gaisano Mall Davao

Guest blogger: Raynan of Raynan's World

Its my first time to do a guest post, and I'm glad to do it here in Davao Delights. I had no work on Monday so me, my wife and Keona went to the mall so I can have my hair cut. When we arrive at the mall I notice plenty of people gathering at the atrium. There was an exhibit of different motorcycle or motor bike. Hmmm.. I'm not that sure whats the correct term for it. The different designs of the bikes were nice. Although I'm not a big fan of this type of vehicles, but I do appreciate the people who are creative in designing their bikes. Here are some of the photos of the exhibit.

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