Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Acquaintance Party at Green Isle Resort

Last weekend, we had an acquaintance party at Green Isle Resort in Samal Island, (Island Garden City of Samal). The resort is not as famous as the other resorts in Samal but we chose the place as a venue because the owner of the resort is a former colleague and so we were able to get a discount for the payment in using the place. We have never been to the place as well, so for a change, we had our acquaintance party at Green Isle Resort.

Little girl having fun with my officemates and colleagues

Green Isle is just a medium-size resort and its developments are still on going. They are constructing now a new building in addition to the existing beach house and a number of closed cottages made of native materials. In the lower portion, near the seashore, there are a number of open cottages which is very cozy if you want to get closer to the beach. I love the fact that the place is generally cool. You don't feel the heat of the sun because there are still plenty of trees surrounding the place.

playing volleyball and parlor games

When we were there, we had the place exclusive for us which made me more appreciate the Green Isle Resort. The space is just fitted for us numbering about a hundred. We enjoyed a lot playing volleyball and a lot of parlor games.

I also brought with me my little girl and it was her first time to go to the beach after being prohibited by her surgeon after her operation for fear of infection. My little one is enjoying a lot, dancing with the videoke music, cheering together with some colleagues when each team were playing volleyball in the field.

We had our food catered by Green Isle. Our food consist of pork fillet, beef afritada, pancit, lechon and fruit desserts like watermelon and pineapple. We had so much fun. And I was very happy that my little girl was enjoying a lot too.
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  1. Green Isle resort looks very clean and cozy. It was wise for your group to have chosen that resort because you had it all for yourselves. The beach looks so inviting and the cottages look so clean. It great that your little girl enjoyed every minute of your stay in that resort. You all have a wonderful time of your lives. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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  3. Hi Sir Mel. Yup, we really had a good time at Green Isle resort. Di masyadong sikat ang Green Isle pero it's worthy to visit.Thanks for the visit and comment. God bless you too.Happy weekend to you and your family:)

  4. We feel elated with what you shared about our resort. Thank you so much for making us part of your unforgettable bonding moments with your colleagues and some family members. Please come again. We hope to improve the place for your future visits. We envisioned it to be a place for group/family retreats, bonding and recreation and experience to commune with nature, thus, it is not being commercialized to prevent over-crowding the place. Thanks again.From Green Isles Beach Mgt.

  5. To the Management of Green Isle Resort, thank you very much for your generosity. It was indeed a great experience to have held our acquaintance party in your resort. Looking forward to visit your place again:).

  6. hello sam, finally I found your blogs,hehehe. I do agree with your post, Green Isles Beach Resort is such a wonderful place for a cozy gathering of our group. Honestly, in my several years stay at UIC, this is the only time I really enjoyed the acquaintance party. I really had lots of fun cheering, laughing and giggling with friends. I love the fact that I was able to unwind and go out with people I knew so well.

    I'm addicted to blogging too, I've several blogs on different blog hosting sites!I could be sued for abusing this freedom..hahaha!

    I've two blogs here at blogger and

    but my paid articles are at and mind the hubpages articles you might delete my comment..hehehe..God bless you!

  7. Hi Joyce! We're the same, addicted to blogging. I sleep very late at night sometimes.hehe. Yep, it was a great experience to all of us having that acquaintance party at Green Isle.

    I'm not into hubpages or triond. Cge lang, I'll try it if I get the time. I'll visit your site too. Thanks for the comment and for dropping by:).

  8. can i hae the contac no. of green isle

  9. ito po 221-5926 - Green Isles.

  10. hi would like to ask how much if gagawing exclusive ang place for a wedding? ilang rooms meron at ilang tao pwedeng mag over night"?
    pwede magdala ng sariling caterer? do u have tables n chairs good for 100 to 150 pax? sound system?
    meron ba kayong sapat na power supply for a wedding event?

  11. Hi. I think it is possible to make the place exclusive for a wedding. With regards to your questions regarding rooms, catering, tables and chairs, sound system, it is best to contact the management with their telephone numbers ->221-5926. Thank you for your visit and comment.

  12. Hi there.After I saw some of the pictures and read the short messages it seems that I am convince that green isle beach resort is a wonderful family oriented place to stay for vacation and gathering.
    We are here in San Jose, California and for sure the next time we go home it's gonna be the first place to visit in our list.
    BTW, I am also advertising your resort to my Filipino co-workers here and showed to them the pictures.They were amazed to the beauty of it and they want to visit the place too. They also want to know if it's possible for them to buy a beach lot there.
    And lastly, I'm sure the management are awesome.
    See you soon....



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