Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Daughter's Surgery

I was not online for a long time because my daughter had recurrent UTI due to her ureteral reflux and we finally decided to have her ureters surgically corrected at Davao Doctor's Hospital. My apologies to my online friends and readers.

To have one's ten-month old daughter undergo a major surgical operation is not easy. It was really an ordeal for me. Aside from the fact the it involves a huge amount of money, it was also physically exhausting because I had few hours of sleep at night. But anyways, thanks to the team of doctors who made my daughter's ureteral surgery a sucess.

A big THANK YOU to the following doctors:

DR. Aquino,pediatric surgeon, Davao Delights
Dr. Santiago Aquino - My daughter's pediatric surgeon

Dr. Santiago Aquino, pediatric surgeon at Davao Doctor's Hospital. He is my daughter's surgeon and I believe he is a very competent one. He is a fellow and diplomate of Philippine College of Surgeons, also a fellow and diplomate of Philippine Society of Pediatrics Surgeon. His clinic is located at the room 911, 9th floor, Medical Tower building at Davao Doctor's Hospital.

Dr. Michael Manalaysay, my daughter's nephrologist. He is a consultant pediatrics and pediatric nephrology. His clinic is located at room 801, 8th floor, Medical tower building, Davao Doctor's Hospital.

Dr. Palabyab - anesthesiologist, Davao Doctors Hospital, Davao Delights
Dante Palabyab - my daughter's pediatric anesthesiologist

Dr. Dante Palabyab, my daughter's pediatric anesthesiologist. His clinic is at room 907, 9th floor, Medical Tower Building, Davao Doctor's Hospital.

Dr. Naranjo, a resident surgeon at Davao Doctors Hospital. He was the one who monitored my daughter's post operation site, made the dressings, and removed the tubes and catheter attached to her after the operation.

Dr. Mirafuentes, assistant of Dr. King Palabyab. He was the one instructing us about my daughter's fasting before the operation.

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