Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lunch at Garden by the Bay

It's a beautiful Sunday and we woke up very late because there's no work. After few minutes of taking our breakfast, Papa invited us for a lunch in a restaurant inside Garden by the Bay. It's just near to where we live and we brought with us Keona's swim suit so that she can just swim in case she wants to because there's a swimming pool inside the resort.

We arrive at around 11:30 in the morning and only few people were there. Papa right away ordered our food - fried rice, chicken barbecue for Troy, lechon kawali, kinilaw, mongolian spare ribs and plain rice for me, Keona and mama. We can't eat fried rice because there's egg on it and we are having an allergy to eggs and chicken.

Few minutes, we waited our order and we roam around the place. I like the place because it's not crowded. There are a number of cottages for people who are bringing foods with them. But if you don't have foods, you can just order from the restaurant like what we did. A lot of children are having fun at the pool, swimming.

Some photos of the place...

Our food consist of...

lechon kawali


fried rice

Mongolian spare ribs

posing while waiting for our order

my man and my girl went swimming after eating

floating restaurant

the swimming pool

a number of cottages

Garden by the bay is a great place to relax and unwind because you feel the gentle breeze against your skin since it's located along the seashore. You also get to enjoy the spectacular view of Samal island and the colorful boats that went to and fro fetching beach goers to the beautiful beaches and resorts in the nearby Samal island. I hope you have a great weekend friends:).

Garden by the Bay Beach Resort
Maryknoll Drive, Lanang, Davao City

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  1. Yes, mukhang maganda nga at very private yung lugar. Masarap yung mga inorder ninyong pagkain lalo na yung kinilaw. Great that your child enjoyed swimming with your hubby. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Hi Sam!asa banda sa maryknoll,sa right side?murag lami man gud kaayo na imong gipangkaon,ang lugar ba...nindot kaayo ilingkod lingkod.

  3. Hi Sir Mel. talagang maganda ang lugar at nakakapasyal ka ng maayos doon kasi kunti lang ang tao. Thanks for visiting and for the comments.God bless you Sir Mel and your family.

    @ Merce. Yup sa right side. kanang dalan na kilid sa jollibee, pasulod lang diha.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, we really appreciate that you have taken the time to share your thoughts online. I have spoken with the Chef regarding your compliments and he was delighted to know that you enjoyed the food. I have shared your comments to all of the staff and they were all very happy to read you had enjoyed your stay. All of us here at the Garden by the Bay look forward to welcoming you back next time. Again, with thanks from us all..

  5. nice place, we went there about 3 nights ago to celebrate a joyful event. sad thing is, we left something in one of the open cottages that we occupied. it seems that people inside ( guards specifically) were not trained on how to handle
    " found items ".. it's not an expensive item but i'm still sad.

  6. ang pangit ng beach. hindi buhangin ang aapakan mo kundi PUTIK! pangit talaga.

  7. @anonymous The beach near the Garden by the Bay Restaurant I think wasn't meant for bathing, its not develop because the place near it, is used for Blue Jazz goers jump off to samal. The only place meant for bathing in this place is the pool.

  8. how many ft. po ang pool?

  9. Excited to see the place is the Garden by the Bay is allowed to have an overnight? Coz this coming December we have decided to celebrate our 25th silver class reunion. Just to read and look at the photos i think is okey.

  10. how much ang per pax.....? pareserve sana kami, planu namin mag xmas party jn s inu resort...ask lang sana namin magkanu ang place? and anu menu ninyo?tnx

  11. four feet ung pool ; )

  12. how much if we hold our wedding reception there?and what amenities can we use?thanks

  13. @ Chloe, 30 pesos po entrance, but if you just want to eat at the restaurant, there will be no entrance fee, just tell the guard you are going to dine at the restaurant.

  14. @ Anonymous #6 It is best to ask directly at the management, I have posted the number in the last part of the post.

  15. @Anonymous meron ba tong hotel rooms ?\

  16. There's no hotel rooms at garden at the bay, but the place is very near insular hotel.

  17. di recommendable ang place. pangit kasi. dati it's called Maryknoll. pero iba na siguro ang manager ngayon.

  18. mag kano intrance fee nyo?pati cottages?

  19. Wala kang babayaran na entrance fee if you tell the guard na kakain ka lang sa "Garden by the Bay Restaurant" pero pag sinabi mo na gagamit kalang ng pool or cottages my entrance fee of 30, I am not sure kung ang price is the same as of this time.

    Inquire ka na lang through phone 234-8491

  20. they also have a basketball and volleyball court.



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