Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dinner at Mandarin Tea Garden with Siblings and Hubby

My twin and my other siblings came over here in the city of Davao. My twin wanted to buy laptop, a digital camera and cellphone. She wanted hubby to accompany her with buying the laptop because hubby is a computer engineer and he knows about computer specifications and he already researched which brand is good.

After buying everything she wants to buy, she treat us with a dinner at Mandarin Tea Garden. We ordered supreme siomai which I did not eat because I have an allergy with shrimps. We also ordered pancit guisado, beef ampalaya, beef steak and fish fillet. I was the one who consumed almost all the fish fillet. It's very delicious and guilt-free because I know it's not gonna trigger neither me nor my daughter's allergy plus the fact that it's not laden with so much cholesterol.

We also ordered durian shake, my favorite. My niece had her four season juice and fresh fruit salad. Having able to bond with my siblings is a good feeling especially when we are feasting yummy foods in front of us:).

Sharing to you some photos:
me and my siblings

hubby with my siblings...beside hubby is tata, weng(my twin), orville (my only brod), langging (our youngest) and Mahal(my niece, weng's daughter)

durian shake

four seasons juice

beef steak

beef ampalaya

pancit guisado

fish fillet

fresh fruit salad with dressing

supreme siomai

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  1. Great eating experience with your loved ones. I like the beef ampalaya and the fish fillet. I have not tried the durian shake yet. Must be pretty exciting in taste. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. i will try this resto when i visit Davao. i want to try the durian shake. looks yummy!

  3. Yes Sir Mel, the beef ampalaya and the fish fillet are the ones I love in our orders.Kung malapit ka lang sana, pwede kitang bigyan or padalhan ng durian shake:). Masarap yan, especially pag mahilig ka sa durian.hehe.Salamat sa visit and comment. God bless you.

    @ Pinay Crossingborders. Yes, it's worth trying. Masarap yan talaga:)



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