Monday, August 8, 2011

Dish Garden Design Competition at SM Davao's 2nd Flora Mindanaw

Famed in the international and domestic horticulture industry, Davao is not only home to the beautiful orchid waling-waling (Vanda Sanderiana) but also to the most exquisite cutflowers, foliages, and other ornamental plants.

With its natural resources and favourable climate for agricultural production year-round, Davao is often dubbed as the ornamental horticulture center of the country.

On top of these are skilled and passionate hobbyists and enthusiasts who can put together a breath-taking collection of the city’s natural treasures may it be in elaborate landscapes or intricate dish gardens.

Be awed with Davao’s rich flora as SM Davao brings the 2nd Flora Mindanaw: Dish Garden Competition on August 15-21 at the mall’s Event Centre. The contest is open to all horticulturists/florists in Mindanao. Interested parties may call 297.6998 local 126.

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