Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinner at Patok sa Manok Restaurant in Davao City

It's been quite long since hubby and me have brought Keona out for a stroll. We have been busy lately for some priorities and time adjustments and so last weekend, we decided to bond together with our little girl. We first had our lunch at Jollibee then off we went to SM City to witness the cyber expo there. Unfortunately, the crowd are so huge that we were not able to really get closer to the stage at the event center and just roam around the mall. Keona had fun playing on the toy car display and the salesperson assigned in the area was so kind to let Keona play with it. We then chose clothes for her and we were able to buy one.

On our way home, we dropped by a restaurant and eat there. It is located in Lanang Davao city, just near Davao Insular Hotel entrance. It was not a peak hour so Keona was very carefree roaming around the place as if it's hers.hehehe

Sharing to you some photos:
Front of the restaurant

our table with foods served

3 orders of rice

lechon kawali


inside the restaurant

We actually frequent this restaurant because they offer a wide array of foods and the taste is really delicious. Sometimes, we just take out our order. My FIL's favorite in this restaurant are the kare-kare, kinilaw and milkfish. It was really a delight dining at this restaurant. They also accept deliveries. Have a nice day friends.


  1. Dugay...na kaayo ko,wala naka kaon sa PSM

  2. Yes, the place looks so clean and idyllic. You really had a family bonding time with Keona. The food looks so delicious. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. WhEw!I love foods there in PSM.



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