Friday, August 26, 2011

Dish Garden Designs at the 2nd Flora Mindanao at SM Davao

Last weekend, I went to SM Davao to look for the items on sale since it's Kadayawan festival. Lots of goodies were on sale ranging from 30-50% discount like bags, belts, blouses, kids wear and a lot of others. When I entered the mall, I was really awed by the beautiful display of dish garden designs at the entrance. I then checked the main entrance and there I saw the display of the 3 dish garden designs that emerged as the winner. They are very beautiful, elegant and I was literally wowed by them.

Here are photos of the winners:

A dish garden is an arrangement of plants placed inside dishware. The dishware used in dish gardens may be everyday items such as cereal bowls or coffee mugs or they may be ornamental pieces.

Popular plants for dish gardens include pretty greenery such as ivy and fern as well as flowering plants with bright collared blooms. A European style dish garden is often filled with flowers such as gerberas, azaleas and begonias.

Last Kadayawan Festival, SM City Davao’s second Flora Mindanaw Dish Garden Competition wowed not only floriculture and horticulture enthusiasts but landscape artists and regular shoppers as well.

They are like a miniature landscapes… very pleasing to the eyes!” a random shopper shares.

Out of the 19 entries, masterpieces by Anonio A. Tiu (1st Place), Emiliana Cordero (2nd Place) and James Zimmerman (3rd) bagged the prizes for the said competition.

Other participating artists were Deagelia Suarez, May Martinez-Hilotilia, Erlinda Martinez, Rose Tamparong, Jackie Llavore, Jocelyn Albances, Mary Joy Albances-Cervantes, Noel Aton, Ilora Chua, Noel Noel, Bienvenido Haro, Rurisima Zimmerman, Silva Alegria, Christopher Rios and Merlyn B. Bureros.

This competition aims to showcase not only the rare plant collections of the Davao horticulture industry but the skills and creativity among our hobbyists and professional artists as well,” SM Davao mall manager Lynette Lopez claims.

The dish gardens were placed on display at the mall’s entrances from August 15 to 21.

Some photos of those displayed at the entrance...

Have a great weekend friends

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  1. These dish landscapes are beautiful and eye pleasing. They are like the bonzai plants of Japan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all.



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