Friday, August 5, 2011

Let your Kids Shine and Show their Talents

Matthew’s Mom, Rowena is equally happy she let him join the Toonfest. “It’s a great project,” she says, “because it allows kids to showcase their hidden talents. This is a confidence building activity, which is critical in building your child’s social foundation. Since he won the contest, Matthew has done numerous television commercials and ads, including the SM Love the Blues campaign.

More from Jillian’s Mom: “Joining the search has done a great deal for Jillian’s self confidence, and I’d encourage other Moms to let their kids join and just have fun.”

Jillian’s Mom, Chezka, says “the SM Children’s Wear Rock Toon Fest search is a great opportunity for young aspiring models to make a start and make their mark”. Jillian has since modeled the SM Kids Christmas Fairytale collection, participated in the SM Kids show at Philippine Fashion Week, among other projects.

More from Matthew’s Mom: “I encourage other Moms to let their kids join the search. It will enhance your kid’s talents, boost their confidence, and most importantly, it’s a fun-tastic experience for kids and Moms alike.”

Do you have kids aged 3-14 years old? If you do, then it's a chance for them to showcase their talents and strut their stuff through modeling their own Toon merchandise at SM.

It’s Take Two for the Toonfest as the SM Children’s Wear Department once again begins its search for cute talented kids with that X-Factor.

From July 8 to September 24, kids all over the country will have a chance to, as they say, Activate Your Style by showcasing their styling and modelling talents using their own Toon merchandise from the Children’s Wear and Infant’s Wear Departments.

The contest is open to kids 3-14 years old by September 30, 2011, and a minimum P 500.00 single receipt purchase is required.

Participants will model the cool Toon clothes they have chosen in a photo shoot, and at the end of the day, judges will award the Branch winners. Each of the boy and girl Toonfest winner in each branch will each receive P5,000.00 worth of Gift Cheques from the SM Department store, and get a chance to be an SM Kids fashion model.

Let you kids shine.


  1. Yes, would it be wonderful if our kids can joun this Rock Toon Fest and win fabulous prizes? That would also enhance their self confidence by modeling kiddie clothes in front of all those people. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. hi can i joined mg 2 years old daughter...

  3. hi can i join my 2 years old daughter??and how?



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