Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mudslinging and those huge billboards

I would have not wanted to talk about politics in this blog but since it's election time and May 10, 2010, the election day is fast approaching, politics is also heating up and talking about it is inevitable.

(photo taken near Apo View Hotel)
The team Nograles wanted for this billboard is saying. You can find this billboard in many streets in Davao city

(photo taken in Lanang)
As an answer to the call for change by team Nograles, the team Duterte has this can also find this billboard in major thoroughfares in Davao City

I am not endorsing any political candidate here but I can't help myself sharing you guys some of the billboards and tarpaulins from big local politicians here in Davao that I find amusing. It's no secret to the people of Davao that team Nograles and team Duterte have been mudslinging, throwing garbage to each other and some are even already below the belt.

As a resident in Davao, all I can say is that may the best team win. If you ask me guys who am I voting for in the coming elections, I'm sorry guys, that's a secret.LOLz.

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  1. Ang daya mo Sam, ayaw mong sabihin kung sino ang iboboto mo, lol. I am unaware of the track record of Nograles except for the fact that he is currently the Speaker of the House. Duterte, on the other hand, ruled Davao with an iron fist very much in the mold of Gordon or Bayani Fernando. The only blemish on the track record of Duterte are the unsolved cases of salvagings or summary executions in Davao. Not all who were killed were notorious characters in the underworld. Many were killed for personal reasons or vendetta. No amount of progress can ever justify these extra judicial killings for we should be a nation of laws not of men. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.



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