Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mer's Food and Delicacies

A mother of one of my office mates died due to hypertension and complication of diabetes so we went to their house and had a prayer service. When we returned home, one of my colleagues suggested that we drop by Mer's Food and Delicacies in Digos City to buy something as pasalubong.

Mer's Food and Delicacies is known for their delicious native delicacies like suman, bebingka and a lot of others. It is located along Lapu-Lapu street, Digos City, just near the city hall. Here are photos of my colleagues buying some yummy native goodies.

Mer's restaurant

my officemates, busy selecting some goodies

closer look of suman, bebingka and others...

Momsy Caring, the one who suggested that we drop by at Mer's

They also have a restaurant that serves yummy filipino foods like adobo, chicken and many others.
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  1. Hindi na mawawala talaga sa Pinoy yung pakunswelo at pasalubong. Napakagandang trait ito nang Pinoy na nagpapakita sa ating pagka maalalahanin or thoughtfulness. Mukhang masasarap nga ang mga tindang pasalubong sa restaurant na binanggit mo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, btw what is " Pasalubong"? is that good for health? you've a nice post and I'm waiting for your update
    I've added your link too, thank you :D

  3. @ Mel. Ganda talaga ang trait na yan ng mga Pilipino. Sana di mawawala through time.thanks for visiting and commenting. God bless you too.

    @ Walasa. Thanks for linking me back. Pasalubong is something like a "gift". it is a culture of filipinos to bring gifts to the people at home when you go to some places you rarely go. take care and God bless you.



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