Monday, May 17, 2010

Abundance of Sineguelas

Sineguelas fruit (aka Spanish plum) brings back a lot of childhood memories in me. I was about 5-12 years old, when my twin, me and my cousins would play in our grandparent's ancestral house in the province and we would climb up to fruit bearing trees in the backyard, one of those is the Seneguelas. Summertime is always fun for kids and what better way to spend summer aside from playing under the sun, flying kites , swimming to the beach is also eating fruits from whatever is available in the backyard:).

Nowadays, seneguelas is in abundance in Bankerohan Public Market here in Davao City. I bought half kilo at first and when me and hubby ate it while watching TV, our little girl loves it too so every time I buy seneguelas, it has to be a kilo. We enjoy it while there are plenty because it usually ceases to be available in the market when the summertime ends.
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  1. Maayong buntag!
    Pareho man diay ta nuh?ingon ana pud mi sa una bah...
    sa balay pud sa amoang lolo ug lola.

  2. Maayong buntag pud Merce! lingaw sa una noh? those were the good old days:)

  3. ganahan pod ko'g sirigwelas! sirigwelas man tawag sa amo-a sa bohol. :) makahurot ko'g isa ka putos nga selopen ani. hehehee

  4. Sineguelas is a sweet fruit but I don't know why my teeth feels weird every time I eat one. Para bang "nakakangilo"?

  5. Sineguelas is not that plentiful here in Metro Manila and Bulacan although you can still see them in the markets. Just like our favorite childhood fruits like macopa, kasoy, starapple, mabulo, langka, rimas, chesa, camachile, duhat, bayabas, etc. Fruits now are not as abundant as they were when we were still kids. Siguro dahil lumiliit na yung mga lupaing pinagtataniman sa kanila. Just like you, I grew up playing and picking fruits from fruit trees. Those were the days when everything seemed fine and so peaceful. Thanks for the nostalgic post. God bless you all always.

  6. wala kami dire...gimingaw na gytud ko ani nga fruit..bali dugaya nanako wala nakaka-on ani...hehehe



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