Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dining at Dencio's Restaurant at Damosa Gateway

waiting for our order

the menu

Me and hubby was wondering where to eat for our lunch when we were at Bajada last Sunday. So we just thought of exploring Damosa Gateway and look for a restaurant where we can eat. There, we walked past Yellow Cab Pizza and hubby know's it's no-no for me because I need rice for my lunch. I can't take just pizza, I need heavy meal. Then there's the Hola EspaƱola and I told hubby we'll just eat there next time coz I know it's a little pricey in there. Oh, there's the McDonald's, hubby's favorite but I told him I'm feed up with fast food chains and eating chicken all the time. We went to Market Basket and we saw Dencio's, one of my favorite restaurants. We right away decided to have our lunch in there. I love their barbecue served with soup and atsara. When we arrived there, we were happy that only few people dined, so that means less waiting time for our order. There are a lot of foods to choose from in the menu like chicken barbecue, seafoods and if you want soup, they have seashells like halaan and inbaw and sinigang. Me and hubby decided t order pares 1 composed of a chicken barbecue, pork barbecue and a pitcher of iced tea. We really enjoyed the delicious juicy barbecue that we had and we returned home full and satisfied with our lunch.

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