Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Benefits of Having a Car

My husband has a car, a Toyota Vios. He chose Toyota since father has a Toyota Corolla and it was bought years back. I do want a car too, but we can't afford to buy another one. It would just add up to our long list of expenses. Ever since hubby bought one, it really helps a lot for us. We can use it whenever we want to go to places where it's hard to catch a public ride, or go outing to the beach. It's also a great help when going to the market and having to carry all those bags and boxes can be a huge hassle. But with a car of our own, all these problems are solved.

But having a car can also be tiring especially when it comes to maintenance and the expenses that come along with the parts and cost of labor. I'm glad I can rely hubby in dealing with that because I know nothing when it comes to cars, especially on auto repair and troubleshooting. He is knowledgeable on this aspect since he spends time with his dad when he is tinkering his Toyota Corolla. He volunteers to be dad's right hand so hubby knows the in and outs of a car. Me, on the other hand, don't even know that the blinking in our car was a signal that the door was not properly closed.LOLz. I even admire Lisa, my friend in Ohio who has a luxury car, Toyota Camry. She told me that most of the cars in the US even has a CEL or check engine light installed in it. Oh, I'm glad I don't have to worry about that part.

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