Monday, June 15, 2009

Buko Juice, a Real Thirst Quencher

Young coconut juice peddled along corner Rizal Street and Trading Boulevard, Davao City

The other day I was walking at Rizal Street going to Boulevard. That was around 10:30 in the morning. Even though summer has already passed, weather outside was so hot. Alas! I forget to bring my umbrella which is usually inside my bag. I'm afraid ultraviolet rays would damage and further dry my skin.hehe.Whew! I just go on walking under the scorching heat of the sun. At corner Rizal Street and Trading Boulevard, I saw a man with his cart loaded with buko juice. Yipee! Without second thought, I right away bought a cup at 10 bucks. Not bad for a very thirsty creature like me. hehe

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Acquaintance Party at Camp Holiday Beach Resort

Last weekend we had an acquaintance party at Camp Holiday Beach Resort in Brgy. Kinawitnon, Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). We had so much fun...parlor games were was great! Some of my colleagues brought with them their kids and spouses.

Camp holiday Resort is a new addition to the many resorts in Samal Island. It is very accessible because it is situated just right beside the barge wharf. It is very clean and it has a nice ambiance. It has enough space for kids, camping and games.

There are a number of guest houses inside the resort. It is air-conditioned, with hot and cold shower, toilet, and a cable TV. This is good for 3 persons at a rate of Php1,800.00.

This is a Ferry boat...taken while riding Island City Express Bus

A souvenir pose...Me and hubby few hours before going home

Some of the facilities are:

  • Pavillion
  • Camping ground
  • Shower and toilets
  • Restaurant / Bar
  • Playground
  • Huts
  • Function hall

Entrance fee - Php50.00

Cottages - Hut - Php150.00
Function Hall - Php15,000.00

Development of this resort is still on going. They are still constructing a hotel and a swimming pool. So.. looking forward for our next visit :)).

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Puto Taktak

Last Saturday, when me and hubby was about to cross the street on our way home from Robinsons, I saw a boy selling puto taktak. It cought my attention because many are buying it, must be delicious. And I think there's no problem with its sanitation because it is placed inside a little glass cabinet. So, off we went and buy 4 pieces. It's only Php5.00/piece and its timely for our snack because it was 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

A boy selling puto taktak near Robinsons along Lanang, Davao City

Puto taktak lovers....hehehe

It was yummy! Puto taktak is made from cassava, grinded and mixed with sugar then steamed. I don't really know what are the other ingredients but yes, it was delicious.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hidden Paradise of Samal Island: Cannibad

Have you experience being burned out and really needs a place as getaway/hideaway from the hassle dazzle of the fast-paced life in the city? This place is the right one for you. The place is called Cannibad located in Samal Island. In here, you can get intimate with nature and of course, be intimate with your loved one/s.

It's just easy to get there. From downtown Davao, you can take a jeepney or a taxi going to Sasa Km. 11 and ride a ferry boat going to Babak. Another option is to ride Island City Express bus at Sta. Ana Avenue (near Magsaysay Park) in going to Babak, Samal Island. From Babak, you can ride a single motorcycle (locally known as habal-habal) for a fare of Php100.00/person or hire a multicab for a fare of Php700.00 (this is good for about 12 people, this is recommended if you are a group). After about an hour ride...voila! there you are...reaching Cannibad, a somewhat secluded place away from the city...away from the crowded beaches in other parts of Samal island.

Here are some photos of Cannibad...

You can enjoy the pristine waters...

or just observe the white beautiful pebbles...

...soaked with the waves

or feel the gentle breeze against your skin...

...while enjoying the beautiful sunset

or do boating and kayaking...

Whew! this must be refreshing and rejuvenating! hehehe

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mt. Apo

An officemate showed me pictures of his summer escapade and photos of Mount Apo amazed me. What an exhilarating views! Oh...did I mention that Davao City is the seat of the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo? I've been wanting to go there and Alfred keep on inviting me but sadly I can't at this time coz I have a little baby to take care of...maybe when she turns 4 or 5...hopefully. Anyways, I'm sharing you pix of Mount Apo taken by my good friend / officemate Alfred who never misses a summer or Holy week without climbing the majestic Mt. Apo which forms as a perfect backdrop of the beautiful city of Davao. Enjoy!

There are many places where mountaineers start their climb to Mt. Apo. It could be in the town of Bansalan, at Kidapawan, Kapatagan of Digos, and Calinan.

Jump off at Bansalan...start of the trek

Here is Alfred

...and Roy

At Camp Godi-godi, 4-5 hours hike towards the peak

at the camp site...

trekking via the boulders

...the sulfur vent

...and then the dead crater

Views taken at the top of Apo...

Nice, is it not?

...dead crater...

as seen from the top - dead crater

Philippine National Oil Corporation(PNOC) geothermal plant in the side of Cotabato as seen at the top...

Mt. Apo peak, towering at 2,954 meters (9,692ft) above sea level

Lake Venado as seen at the top

Lake Venado

At night at the camp site....


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