Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mt. Apo

An officemate showed me pictures of his summer escapade and photos of Mount Apo amazed me. What an exhilarating views! Oh...did I mention that Davao City is the seat of the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo? I've been wanting to go there and Alfred keep on inviting me but sadly I can't at this time coz I have a little baby to take care of...maybe when she turns 4 or 5...hopefully. Anyways, I'm sharing you pix of Mount Apo taken by my good friend / officemate Alfred who never misses a summer or Holy week without climbing the majestic Mt. Apo which forms as a perfect backdrop of the beautiful city of Davao. Enjoy!

There are many places where mountaineers start their climb to Mt. Apo. It could be in the town of Bansalan, at Kidapawan, Kapatagan of Digos, and Calinan.

Jump off at Bansalan...start of the trek

Here is Alfred

...and Roy

At Camp Godi-godi, 4-5 hours hike towards the peak

at the camp site...

trekking via the boulders

...the sulfur vent

...and then the dead crater

Views taken at the top of Apo...

Nice, is it not?

...dead crater...

as seen from the top - dead crater

Philippine National Oil Corporation(PNOC) geothermal plant in the side of Cotabato as seen at the top...

Mt. Apo peak, towering at 2,954 meters (9,692ft) above sea level

Lake Venado as seen at the top

Lake Venado

At night at the camp site....


  1. very nice it's look like Doi Phu Ka in THAILAND.

    It's in the North of THAILAND.

    Your blog so sweety blog...
    nice to see you.

  2. Thank you Phantamit for viewing my blog. Gonna visit your blog too. Keep well and have a nice day:D



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