Monday, June 15, 2009

Buko Juice, a Real Thirst Quencher

Young coconut juice peddled along corner Rizal Street and Trading Boulevard, Davao City

The other day I was walking at Rizal Street going to Boulevard. That was around 10:30 in the morning. Even though summer has already passed, weather outside was so hot. Alas! I forget to bring my umbrella which is usually inside my bag. I'm afraid ultraviolet rays would damage and further dry my skin.hehe.Whew! I just go on walking under the scorching heat of the sun. At corner Rizal Street and Trading Boulevard, I saw a man with his cart loaded with buko juice. Yipee! Without second thought, I right away bought a cup at 10 bucks. Not bad for a very thirsty creature like me. hehe


  1. Hi Sam,
    Yummm...coconut juice looks nice. We only get the Thailand and Fiji ones over here, and very expensive too. But we get coconut milk from Philippines! Tada...

  2. Hi Cat! thanks for dropping by :). Young coconut is really yummy...not just the juice, its meat would make a delicious salad :D

  3. wow, nice post. buko juice is just one of my most favorite juices, very refreshing if drink cold-fresh.

    nice layout. i love your site.

  4. Hi sam...

    nice to know you far away from Davao. I used to have young coconut juice from the Philippines.It tasted good. It sold here in Malaysia. BUt forgot the brand (there was sticker on it).

    maraming selamat..:)

  5. Coconut juice is good for the flushes out impurities and good for the health...



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