Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Puto Taktak

Last Saturday, when me and hubby was about to cross the street on our way home from Robinsons, I saw a boy selling puto taktak. It cought my attention because many are buying it, must be delicious. And I think there's no problem with its sanitation because it is placed inside a little glass cabinet. So, off we went and buy 4 pieces. It's only Php5.00/piece and its timely for our snack because it was 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

A boy selling puto taktak near Robinsons along Lanang, Davao City

Puto taktak lovers....hehehe

It was yummy! Puto taktak is made from cassava, grinded and mixed with sugar then steamed. I don't really know what are the other ingredients but yes, it was delicious.


  1. robinsons supermarket?please reply with the exact location coz i'm looking for this delicacy for the upcoming school activity of my daughter. Thanks!

  2. Just at the side of Robinson's supermarket along Bajada, Davao City, near Davao City Water District. You can also see people selling this delicacy near Wisdom Academy along Torres Street usually in the morning.



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