Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eat all you can at Tita D's

Food tripping is what we usually do during December. I have been hearing about Tita D's Buffet from my workmates. They said the food is great, eat all you can for only Php99.00 excluding drinks. They have been there recently but me and hubby did not go with them because we had a "date" of our own during that time. When I told hubby about it, he right away agreed with me to have a lunch there because he has an overtime (OT) pay anyway.LOL. So it's his treat :).

not much people yet but it became full after few minutes


super yummy crabs...

beef with ampalaya(bitter gourd)

chicken curry


chopseuy with so many squids:)


fried fish - tilapia

fruits consisting of pineaplle, watermelon and banana

puto w/ cheese (rice cake)

one of the desserts...cassava cake..yummy!

okra..I forget the English term for this..hehe

seaweeds. don't know the exact name but I eat this. rich in iodine:)
eggplant salad for appetizer

fried shrimps...I'm actually have an allergy of it but i eat my heart out. just get ready with my antihistamines.LOL

wanton beef

lumpia shanghai

We went there early, around 10:45 in the morning. There were only few people when we arrived. We right away looked at their food display and it is indeed really good, plenty for a hundred pesos and really yummy. They also cater and accept functions for weddings, birthdays, etc. They have a space upstairs. We were rally stuffed when we got out of Tita D's:). Tita D's is located at IƱigo St., (formerly Anda St.,) Davao City.
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  1. oh my gahd i hate you for posting this! hahahaha!!! craaaaabbbssss!!! taaahoooonggggg!!! aguuuyyy mi paborito!

  2. taympa! kumakaon sad ko sa titaD heheeh! xlink bi! apila ko sa imong blogging buddies...

    I added you na sa akong blogroll

  3. By the look of all the food , seafood I can say it can be 80% as we have here in Malaysia like the fried noodles and tilapia..

  4. OKRA- ladies finger in english FYI...hehe

  5. Waaaa! Makes me miss Davao even more! Nothing beats the 100 PHP/ 99 PHP buffet in Davao with crabs and seafood and prawns!

  6. do you guyz know their contact number ?

  7. To Anonymous asking for the contact number of Tita D's. Their number is 222-2647. I hope this helps. Thanks for the visit

  8. ano land line number nila?
    cuz i heard they have a catering service

  9. Hi Jowie, thanks for visiting my site. Look at the comment preceding to yours, i have given their number already.

  10. Kalami sa ilahang niluto,puro inato!

  11. mao jud cla pna ka lami sa tanan even more on gulay

  12. Punta ako dyan ....during my vacation.



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