Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greenhills Buffet

We were celebrating the feast of the Immaculate Conception yesterday. After attending the mass at the San Pedro Cathedral, me and hubby went to Greenhills Buffet for our lunch. When we arrived there, we right away looked at the display of foods and hubby asked me if it's OK, I said yes because I like the food they serve. There's pork curry. There were seafood like fish, shells, and my favorite crab. And there were fruits on the dessert table aside from the sweets. So I told hubby that we'd push through with our plan of having a lunch buffet there.

Here are photos of it:

The entrance of Greenhills Buffet. They charge Php128.00 exclusive of drinks.

Dessert table - an array of fruits like banana, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, green mango. There are a number of sweet delicacies also. I just don't know the name but they are delicious.

Our empty plates. No leftovers or else, they will charge us 150 pesos.

Display of their foods are good. There were rice - fried and plain rice, you just have to choose. There were around 12 viands including chicken, pork, seafood delicacies. There was also a chicken soup. Greenhills buffet is located at Camus Street. Just at the back of GS mall, near Apo View Hotel. Hubby had 4 trips to the food display table. I had only two. And I told hubby not to add anymore or he'll overeat. We went out at Greenhills Buffet feeling bloated for we were very full. LOL

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  1. do you know the phone number of greenhills buffet?

  2. Hi Anonymous! sorry for the little delay in answering u. I've been busy lately. Grenhills phone number is (082)225-1860.



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