Saturday, June 4, 2011

Santacruzan for the Oldies, It's Seniorcruzan at SM Davao

Who says Santacruzan is only for the young ones? Definitely, it's not. It is a tradition of the Filipinos to celebrate Santacruzan in the month of May. By the way, for those who do not know about Santacruzan, it is a popular religious festival held in the various towns and cities in the Philippines as a highlight to the month long celebration of the Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May). The festival comes from a religious origin, a commemoration of the finding of the Holy Cross by Saint Helena and Constantine.

SM Davao Seniorcruzan muse Mrs. Laguna was SM Davao Superlola 2010. She runs her own business and at the same time, she is an active member and officer in the Davao City Senior Citizen Federation.

Santacruzan, Davao City, SM Davao, Sagala

Seniorcruzan muse Mrs. Anita Yu is a retired government employee and is now actively involved in her community's Catholic Women's League.

Santacruzan, Davao City, SM Davao, Sagala

Seniorcruzan muse Mrs. Leticia Cabal is a retired public school teacher and is now an entrepreneur.

Santacruzan, Davao City, SM Davao, Sagala

SM City Davao celebrated Santacruzan with a twist, and that is with our beloved elders, to honor them. Through its corporate social responsibility program SM Cares Committee on the Elderly Affairs held its very first SENIORcruzan last May 22, Saturday. Three accomplished senior citizen muses namely, Mrs. Corazon Laguna, Mrs. Anita Yu and Mrs. Leticia Cabal joined the SM Sagala parade clad in a Philippine Taditional Terno. SM Cares Committee on Elderly Affairs Program is geared towards promoting the welfare of the elderly community. Through this, SM Davao becomes a venue for both leisurely and gainful activities for the elderly in Davao City.

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