Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup Snack at Mandarin Tea Garden

Is there such thing as hunger intolerance? I think there is and I'm one of those who has no tolerance when hunger pangs strike. Me and hubby attended an assembly yesterday in Bajada area. Free snacks would be served in that assembly but it was already 30 minutes past 3PM and snacks were not yet served because the program perhaps is delayed. I was already very hungry, got an aching head and was really uneasy anymore so we decided to sneak out.

hubby enjoying our afternoon snack

Beef brisket noodle soup, it's about to be finished when I remember I have a camera inside my bag.LOLz

mango shake with sago for me

and this one for hubby...

First thing that comes to mind was Mandarin Tea Garden since it's just near in the area. We went to Mandarin Tea Garden near SSS office and when we arrived there, only few people were inside. That's a good news for us because it means few waiting hours and fast serving for us. Few minutes after the waiter took our orders, he already serve us with beef brisket noodle soup, one for hubby and another one for me, a glass of mango shake sago for me and black forest for hubby. I right away finished off the bowl of noodle soup in a few minutes, a sign that I was indeed hungry, LOLz. I then enjoyed sipping my mango shake which was perfect for an afternoon snack.

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  1. My husband and I love Mandarin Tea Garden . We often ate out there while he was in vacation last year. Lami man gud , ug barato pa. I love the bicho-bicho or was it bochi? I you have a new theme?

  2. Hi Bing! You are right, lami na, affordable pa sa Mandarin. It's always a good choice. Yup, nag change na pud ko theme. I don't know but I always have the tendency to change themes every now and then...hehe. Have a great weekend to you and your hubby:).Take care always

  3. Suki pud ko sa mandarin,kay barato lang!tapos ang fruit salad,lami kaayo☺

  4. yes it's true that foods at mandarin tastes good and very affordable as well, what i don't like is the service and the people who gives service it seems they need a major, major training on customer service,,,and the worst?,personal hygiene is not their thing. it really sucks when you see one of the waitress was doing the "getting-your-kulangot-thing" in front of many customers. (i'm referring to mandarin tea garden bajada branch across SSS)

  5. What a sad experience, I think its because of their location(not much customer on this branch compared to the other branches).

    My personal experience on that bajada branch I went to the cr since its way back in the place, and I saw their staff sleeping on the chairs(lined-up chairs) I guess they don't have an employees quarters to rest? I understand they are tired but it's not nice to see an employee sleep visibly in the restaurant, even if it's their break.



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