Monday, February 1, 2010

Eating is our only vice:)

Hubby and our fave foods

Kilawin na kambing from Eden's Lechon

Kinilaw from Loring's Restaurant

Me and hubby went to Mintal last Sunday to visit our house. My last visit there was in November, that's when Manny Pacquiao had a fight with Miguel Cotto. In the morning, before heading for Mintal, we decided to eat at Times Square which houses restaurants and fast food chains such as Jollibee, Chowking, Eden's Lechon, Kibuwi, Smoking n' toppings, and a lot of others. It's the most accessible place to the jeepneys that go to Mintal so we dined there. Hubby would have wanted hamburger from Jollibee but I wanted kinilaw and kilawin. I can't get enough of it:). We ate the same food for lunch a day before, so two days in a row that we ate kinilaw and kilawin. For me, it's OK if we indulge in food. Anyways, that's the only vice that me and hubby has, if we may consider it a vice,LOL.
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  1. isn't it obvious that filipinos love food? look at our posts! hahaha...

  2. Well actually eating for me is not a vice but just a habit. It becomes a vice when we eat harmful food for our health like so much fatty and starchy food. But satisfying our gustatory sense is just a normal human function that can even be elevated to an art (like eating gourmet food). Eating with your hubby and other family members become even a bonding experience that will serve your family well. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Hi Mel. Thanks for the comment. I consider it a vice because we tend to eat a lot and hubby is really overweight. He need to lose 10 kilos to reach the ideal weight for his height. Nevertheless, eating really is our way of bonding together:)

    @ Yvon Thea. Times Square is located at Ilustre street. Just in front of McDonald's. It used to be the entrance of JS Gaisano Mall.

  4. Oh, yes, eating together is a bonding time. When my wife and I go to SM City in Iloilo, we take turns going to McDonald's (my choice) and then Chowking(my wife's choice.) But to tell you the truth, Chowking has been having some more dishes that I like, but I still crave a Big Mac sometimes.



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