Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lanzones Season

I've been to the Bankerohan Public Market and was delighted to see an abundant display of lanzones fruit. The price is just 35-40 per kilo. Wow! Affordable. I'm just wondering why it is abundant this time of the year when the usual harvest time or season of Lanzones is in August to September, just in time for the Kadayawan festival - festival of abundant blessings, of abundant harvest. Is this an effect of the global warming? It could be. Weather is becoming unpredictable and El Niño and La Niña seasons can be sporadic in different months of the year making fruit harvest not in it's usual time. Nevertheless, I'm still delighted of the abundance of lanzones and my gastronomic cravings for it will finally be satisfied:).
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  1. yeah as far as i could remember it's during sept, and camiguin would hold lanzones festival in october...
    i really love to eat lanzones, but i've got to consult with my doc first and see if i'm allowed to after i got sick. hehehe...

  2. Lovely. I liked it. Plz do visit me and leave your comment on GooTAR Blog

  3. Hi Sam, this is one of my wife's favorites. Glad to hear you got it a good price. That's always a good thing!

  4. Hi fetus! yep, lanzones season is in september. Hopefully, there's no restrictions from your doctor on anything you eat or you'll miss a lot:)

    To Jonathan, thnx for the visit. I have visited your site alos. Very nice. Take care and God bless:)

  5. yumm yumm...i bought the other day here in Matina and it was really sweet.

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