Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reaching out

Actually this reach out happened on the last week of December. While checking on my photo files, I get across the photos we have during our reach out together with my workmates so I'm sharing this to you. "Reach out" is our way of saying thank you for the blessings we receive and it's a way of sharing our blessings to our brothers and sisters who need it most. As it is said, "No one is too poor as nothing to give and no one is too rich as nothing to receive". So in our own little way, we are reaching out to the people in Lasang, the last barangay in Davao, going north. We used to visit orphanage homes, home for the aged and other communities but this time, we make it different. According to the parish priest, a lot of the parishioners there have children who have not yet baptized. So we sponsored a baptism for them. Here are the photos:

St. Joseph Parish in Lasang

The priest, performing the ceremony of baptism

Me and some of my friends

Packed goodies from Jollibee

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  1. So good of you to sponsor the baptisms. I loved the great photos. Very heartwarming post.

  2. this refreshes my days as sophomore student in lasang way back years ago.. long time ago hehehe... i missed the place...



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