Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year celebration

We just stayed home on Valentine's day. As I have mentioned in my post at my blog Proudmommyandwifey, we don't go out on Valentine's day. We celebrated it with a yummy dinner. Pappa ordered kare-kare from Patok sa Manok, liempo and chicken lechon. Since it was also Chinese New Year, Mom cooked tikoy from Eng Bee Tin. We had a wonderful celebration. Here are the photos of foodies that hubby took for me:)


Yummy kare-kare

Chicken lechon

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  1. oh gosh! I am drooling of your Kare-kare. How I wish I can eat it again soon.

  2. Sarap talaga ang kare-kare Sam:).God bless you and take care:)



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