Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have a safe and secure home

On weekends, my little girl and I, including hubby would play hide and seek, sing and dance together while watching her favorite nursery rhymes on VCD. Sometimes, we just laze around, get something to eat from the fridge and talk anything under the sun. Our home is the best place for the family to relax, enjoy and bond together. So I make sure that it is clean, secure and free from hazardous things especially that we have a 1 year old tot.

But what alarms me is the news that one of our neighbor's house has been robbed by burglars. The burglars managed to enter inside their house when the whole family was having a dinner together in their dining room. They sneaked into the second floor, enter the rooms and got the pieces of jewelry, cellphones and anything of value.

Security is of utmost importance in our homes. We must protect our abode from lawless elements that can potentially harm us and our loved ones. While surfing the net and doing blog hopping, I've read an article about home security services. Being curious myself, I further dig into the website and was redirected to home security team website.There is already ADT in Florida. Aside from that, there's also an ADT in California serving the residents in the area. While reading their website, their security services sounds effective and efficient. People in Florida and California are very fortunate because there's already an ADT in FL and ADT in CA. They can be worry-free for possible burglars and thieves that might enter into their homes. For those currently using the ADT security, would you recommend it to others?
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  1. Maintaining a safe and happy home is something each of us wants to achieve. Thanks for the post



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