Sunday, June 20, 2010

Products Made Behind the Bars

Looking at my photo files, I have these photos which I have taken in one of the trade fairs here in Davao City that I have visited. I stumbled upon a booth that sells beautiful and functional products and looked at their beautiful items. The man in the booth prides that the products are made by prisoners inside the city jail. Oh, I can imagine how miserable I would be if I were behind those bars. Limited, crowded space. No freedom to go where you wanted to. But indeed, there's always a way to spend what could have been wasted time into something worthwhile and useful.

They are given the opportunity to showcase their talents and craftsmanship through these products and they are being sold to raise funds for them. Take a look at their finished products...

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  1. Yes, they are all so beautiful. We should support our brother inmates who want to reform and lead new lives. We should give them another chance to be part again of our society by patronizing their products. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.



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