Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beautiful Designs

These are beautiful designs by a Dabawenya designer Ann Pamintuan. I have taken this photos in an exhibit few months ago.

the designer, Ann Pamintuan

Maria Antonieta "Ann" Tiukinhoy Pamintuan is a Davao-based jewelry and furniture designer. She made her name by making jewelries made not from stones but from vines, roots, flowers, petals. Westerners were awed by how she transformed these organic and ephemeral materials into lasting objects of beauty just by welding. Ann also has evolved into a world class furniture designer earning various accolades from top international design institutions. Here highly-acclaimed works are sold in top centers of designs like New York, Sweden, London, and Japan. She is the first Asian woman designer to be included in the prestigious International Design Yearbook ( in 2002 and 2004).

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  1. She's indeed a Philippine treasure and pride. She has made us proud to be Filipinos by making a name for herself in the world of jewelry and furniture making. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.



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