Sunday, July 5, 2009

Penong's Seafood and Grill

Penong's Seafood and Grill in front of People's Park, Ilustre St., Davao City. Other branches are at McArthur Highway, Matina - in front of NCCC Mall, Maa and another one at Quirino Ave. near Gmall

Waiter who serves rice...just clap your hands twice to get his attention

Chicken Inato combo meal

Penong's receive many awards!

Waiters and waitresses clad in native uniform

I love eating! Who doesn't? haha. I had a lunch date with hubby last Saturday after our half-day work. In the morning while on our way to work, he asked me where we would have our lunch and I joyfully answered "Penongs!" and teased him to treat me. He flashed his big smile and said yes and then count how much are we gonna spend if we are to eat at Penongs. We have been particular with our expenses nowadays because we have a baby whose milk is very expensive and a nanny to pay. Unlike before when we would explore fancy restaurants without minding our expenses.

We agreed to just meet at Penong's Seafood and Grill restaurant at lunch time and I told him that whoever arrives first will have to order our food right away so that we would not be very hungry for we are out at work at 12:oo noon. And besides, we know that Penong's is full of people especially during peak hours.

When I arrived, there are already lots of diners so I searched for hubby then I saw somebody raised his hand and it was him smiling at me. After a few minutes, our food arrived -inato 1 composed of soup, chicken barbeque with achara (green papaya salad), rice.

It's the taste of their chicken that makes me and hubby keep going back to Penong's. It is juicy and super delicious. And their rice is unlimited. All you have to do is clap your hands twice to get the attention of the waiter who brings with him rice. Aside from chicken barbeque which is their bestseller, they also serve other dishes such as kinilaw(it's like sushi), bulalo(beef), lengua estofada, catfish - either fried or grilled, halaan (a kind of seashell) and many others. We get out at Penongs full and had that big burp! hehe

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  1. I love eating here, esp with the family. It is affordable and they have very accommodating staffs!



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