Monday, July 6, 2009


After walking and strolling and taking photographs under the heat of the sun at People's Park, hubby and me feel tired and really thirsty so we get inside Gaisano South Mall and look for something to freshen us up. We would have wanted a halo-halo(from Tagalog halo, "mix mix", a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold) at Chowking but when we pass through Thirsty foodcart that sells fresh fruit salad and fruit shake, our mind changed. And besides, if we'll have halo-halo, it takes time for us to arrive home because we need to stay in the restaurant, unlike when we buy shake that we can just bring it with us on our way home so we saved time. So we bought mango fruit shake, regular size. We would have wanted a large one but they run out of a large container. Hmmm...yummy!

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