Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party at Mahan Beach Resort

We had a Christmas party at Mahan Beach Resort. We decided to hold our party in the beach for a change. We usually have our party in our workplace but make it different this time.

We arrive early in the morning and most cottages were already occupied except for one which was reserved for us. The function hall was filled with people partying, playing parlor games and eating.

When we were already settled and all our things were in place, our "angles" right away grilled the pork meat and fish we brought with us. Keona, me and hubby right away soak ourselves in the beach because the water is gradually receding since it was going low tide.

We were really having fun especially our angels. They played hide and seek, throw beach balls, swim and had fun in the water.

I like Mahan Beach Resort because it's very accessible. It's just near to the barge wharf so we can just walk from there. There was also no corkage so we can just bring with us foods and drinks we want without worrying of corkage fees. It is not also as crowded compared to other more famous beaches in Samal island.

Here are some photos of the resort...
the signage at the entrance

function hall

spectacular view of Davao City across Samal island

exchange of gifts

Mahan resort seaside

my little girl ready for a swim

gazebo with tree house...good thing there are beddings so I was able to breastfeed Keona w/o any hassle:)

Mahan beach

Here are some useful information in case you want to go to Mahan Beach resort... (this is not a paid post...hehe)
Entrance Fee
30Php for Adult day stay and 15Php for Child

300Php(Day Stay)

Gazebo with Tree House
540Php(overnight with beddings)

Non Aircon Dorm
800Php(good for 8 persons with beddings)
400Php(good for 4 persons with beddings)

Aircon Dorm
1750Php(food for 10 with beddings)

Cluster Rooms
1400Php(aircon, toilet and bath, TV)

Function Hall
3000Php(lights, sound system, tables and chairs)

Contact Numbers
301-400 DAVAO
271-5378 SAMAL

Email Address
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  1. Yes, that's a wonderful Christmas party held at Mahan Beach Resort instead of the office. Everybody had a grand time playing games, swimming and eating too. Great that your child seems to be growing up very healthy. It's amazing that you can still breastfeed her until now that she is considerably bigger. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. hi! nice info and photos..
    how many people can use the tree house w/ gazebo? is 25 people ok?
    thanks =)

    - mae



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