Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks to Davao Rescue 911

My very industrious mom climb to our roof gutter to seal a hole there using a ladder made of wood.Yes, mom is a master of all...she can be a plumber, a carpenter, it, she can do it! It has been raining lately and there's a leak in there so she wants it sealed. But alas! She fell off from the ladder and she had a wound in the back in her head which is bleeding profusely. She also had many bruises in her arms. So she called up rescue 911 so that she'll be brought to the hospital. Few minutes after calling, rescuers from rescue 911 arrived and they right away had a first aid on her. And then they brought Mom to Davao Doctor's Hospital.

Mom, in her room at Davao Doctor's Hospital

Thank you so much 911 rescuers. They had been serving to the people of Davao for several years now and they are very efficient. If you are in Davao and there are emergencies, you can rely rescue 911. If you need ambulance, police assistance, or fire track in cases of fire, just dial 911 and they will respond to your call. Even when your cellphone does not have load, you can contact them. Rescue 911 is a project of the City government of Davao in coordination with Davao Light and Power Company. Mabuhay 911 rescuers and Godspeed.

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