Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pretty Christmas Decors

We went to Gaisano mall of Davao last time and I can really feel the Christmas atmosphere of the mall. There are lots of displays of Christmas decorations in the bazaar at the atrium. Most people are putting up already their trees and decors in their homes, offices and even in stores. Christmas time is fast approaching. Countdown this morning says it's 37 days more to go and it's already Christmas time.
I love Christmas. I don't know why but Christmas time gives me that special feeling of joy and happiness. I can already feel the gentle cold breeze of the weather outside. And what a delight to hear those beautiful Christmas songs and carols over the radio in the early morning dawn.

People are busy buying Christmas decorations at the bazaar

An array of beautiful Christmas decors ranging from the low- priced ones and the really pricey huge trees...

Me and my girl enjoying the bazaar, looking and posing through the many cutie displays...
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  1. It's a good time to thing in gifts, the Christimas changes our espirit.
    We become generous...
    I'll need money to it.


  2. @Richard..Hello Richard. Thnx for visiting my little corner in the blagosphere. I have visited also your site. nice one:)...yeah, the bazaar will run until December 31...Enjoy!

  3. @ Bruno Ramos...Yes Bruno, Christmas really makes our spirit a happy one. But we just need to budget also because it entails lots of expenses..hehe..THnx for the visit...Take care and have a nice day!



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