Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SM Lanang Premier Opening on September 26,2012

Just several days this week and SM Lanang Premier will have its opening day. I can't wait to go there. Several social media sites states that on the first floor of SM Lanang Premier will house establishments engaged in services, while the second floor will host shops for local and foreign brands, the second floor will also have the 122 meter dancing fountain.

On the third floor will be the restaurants, and the five regular cinemas, and the show venue Center Stage and of course the 466 seat IMAX theater.

There will be also be the Radisson Hotel, a 204 room business hotel that will be connected via bridge to the SM Lanang Premier, but will open in 2013. 

If you happen to pass by the area you will also see the Sky Garden which is also connected to the mall's second floor.

My wife on the other hand is excited to come to the opening since there will be a Forever 21 store in Sm Lanang. 

Well, for now that is all I can say about SM Lanang Premier, hope to see you guys there come September 26. 

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