Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Love Gogobot

Have you heard of this new site that launched in year 2010? It's a social travel site that allows users to get advice from people they trust, not from anonymous strangers on the Internet. I really like this site, since my site also focuses on travel and reviews of hotels, restaurant, tourist spots and more, the sites name is Gogobot. A little awkward in the name though, the first time I heard it, I ask what a robot? or maybe a bot or something?. When I visited the site, I got hooked into it, I recommend it to some of my friends who are into travel site, and who also constantly travels from country to country.

It is not just the advice you get from people you trust that interest me in this site, you can also book your travel directly from the site how COOL is that. I also like the feel of the site, it is not so much heavy on effects and it loads fast on my browser.

I had been reviewing several hotels as of now, one of which I'm still working on is a los angeles hotel reviews. I had also got some good ideas of the hotel I'm reviewing now from a friend in Gogobot, he posted some picture and he's experienced of the place. It was very helpful on my part, Gogobot has been a great source for my reviews on my site.

Although Gogobot has a long way to go compared to some well known social network sites, I believe this site is here to stay, and will also have growing followers to it. Good luck Gogobot.

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  1. Yes i already heard about the new traveler site and i just check it later .



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