Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Durian Season

I have been wanting to eat durian. It is in its peak season this time here in Davao City for the "king of all fruits" . You can see durian fruit displayed anywhere in the city, may it be in markets, sidewalks of streets and carts by peddlers. A lot of the people take advantage of the very low prices due to its abundant supply.

After me and hubby got out from work, we agreed to eat durian at Rizal Street. Native variety only costs 15 pesos per kilo. I prefer the highbrid variety because it has thicker meat unlike the native variety which has a big seed. The man selling durian introduced us a new variety apart from the famous ones like chanee, kob, puyat. It's called "dunyang" and I asked the seller if it's really delicious-creamy and sweet and he said yes.

He selected one for us, a very big one and it's 4 kilos! Yes, really huge and when he opened it, hee made me taste it and it was really yummy. Here are some photos we took...
durian eaters around us

me...satisfying my durian craving...

Yummy durian meat

huge one...this durian weighs 4 kilos

native variety of durian

the seller showing us the meat when he opened the one we chose


  1. di ko kahurot og duha ka liso. hehehe

  2. Awww...dili ka kumakaon ug durian.hehehe

  3. Yes, durian is the king of fruits. I can't believe the cost of durian there. At 15.00 pesos per kilo, it is very cheap indeed. The fruit you bought which weighed 4 kilos is very big indeed. It is almost as big as an overgrown langka fruit. Thanks for the yummy post. God bless you all always.

  4. Yes Sir Mel, very cheap ang durian ngayon dito sa Davao kaya take advantage kami. Kasi pag hindi na season ng durian, napakamahal na. We can't afford anymore:). Thanks for the visit and comment. God bless you and you and your family:).

  5. I wanna go back home. :( I'm missing Durian. I can't buy durian here because its too expensive. Tsk tsk.

  6. my mom is the only one in our family na sobrang addicted sa durian! haha...all our relatives there in south cotabato are durian lovers as well. speaking of, i will be getting some durian in manila later, padala ng mga aunts ko from lake sebu...good luck talaga sa pagcommute ko pabalik ng house, baka mangamoy sa bus!!! ayayay!



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