Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am really disappointed that the number of hours for the blackouts are getting longer. From 2 hours, it is now increased to 3 hours a day and it's really hampering my work. I have been erratically busy this past few days beating the deadline for my reports and it just upsets me when I'm already very concentrated on my task and in the middle of it, suddenly there's a power outage!

I never thought it could get this worse since there have been rainshowers already lately and I'm starting to doubt it all. Is the incoming elections part of this inconvenience that we are experiencing now? Who knows, this is just conspired in order for them to use the calamity fund for their own vested interests. I really don't know but this is just mere speculations and with what we are experiencing right now, I can't help myself to be cynical sometimes. God bless the Philippines!


  1. oo nga ... lagi oi... makalagot!

  2. Tama yun, God bless the Philippines. Masyado tayong naaapektuhan nang mga sinister moves nang mga ganid sa kapangyarihan. Dapat ay matagal nang napaghandaan ang mga eventualities na katulad nito kaya't talagang kaduda duda ang mga kasalukuyang pangyayari. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.



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