Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Camiguin White Island

I was really excited when we were heading for Camiguin. I have never been there and I heard from friends that the island is very beautiful. From Cagayan de Oro Port, we ride Paras super cat, a fast craft, comfortable one because it's air-conditioned. It was a two-hour ride and I kept on looking if i can see an island to the direction where we were heading. When we were approaching Benoni port at Camiguin island, there were a lot of placards with names written on it welcoming the arrival of some of the passengers. Then I saw the name of the head of our team who made the booking at Highland Hotel and resort, the place where we are gonna stay. We were fetched by their van and it was a 25-minute ride from the port to the hotel. We then settled our selves in our room and get ready with the tour which was part of the package. We first visited the walkway of the old volcano with the station of the cross. Our next stop was the old church, then the sunken cemetery, the soda swimming pool, the cold spring and then the Ardent hot spring. Honestly, the ones we visited failed my very high expectations.

On the second day, we were scheduled to visit Katibawasan falls and white island. It was the white island that I love very much about Camiguin. It is about 3-5 minute ride through a boat and the island is gifted with powdery white sand and turquoise waters. When you are at the white island, you would feel the perfect art of the Creator - the white sand, the pristine blue waters and the beautiful mountains forming as a backdrop. Just perfect! We went there at the breaking of the early morning because only a small portion of the island will be seen in the afternoon and the waves are kinda scary so we were able to witness the beautiful sunrise.
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  1. What a wonderful experience you had visiting the white sands of Camiguin white island. It is probably not as well known as Boracay but I surmised that it is as beautiful if not more beautiful than Boracay. We still have so many pristine beaches in the Philippines. I heard that the beach of Baler, Quezon have also white sands and as beautiful as Boracay. Thanks for the exciting posts. God bless you all always.

  2. bitaw maka dissapoint ang ubang destinations sa camiguin. pero worth it inig abot sa white island. :)

  3. One of the reasons why I always prefer to take a quick vacation in Camiguin is the fact that the island’s aura is very calm and lain-back, you can really get some good R&R here. Not only this place is great for some contemplation, there are lots of adventurous stuff to do like snorkeling, island hopping or taking a dip in their hot or cold springs.



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