Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dried Fish!

I love dried fish! Whether it is fried, grilled, escabeche..hmmmm, yummy. It is very appetizing :). I especially like it dipped in spicy vinegar. Mouth watering. While looking for something to drink, I came a cross to this small store which sells fruits and other groceries along Boulevard, Davao City and she also has boxes of dried fish.

Here are photos of it.

A lot of the people who live in far flung areas in the mountains buy fried fish because it can be stored for several days. No need to refrigerate especially in places where most people don't own one. But most of the fried fish they buy are smaller ones because it is cheaper. Prices of big dried fish can reach as much as Php150.00 - 300.00/kilo. Kinda expensive, compared to the small ones that cost only around Php70.00-100.00. If you want to buy it in bulk, go to Monteverde St.,. where there are a lot of dried fish wholesalers .
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