Thursday, November 10, 2016

Davao City Low Cost Housing

Davao City is fast becoming a highly urbanized place.  Since Mayor Duterte won the presidency, people's interest of Davao City is imminent.

A lot of developments are pouring Davao City, being the hub of development in the beautiful island of Mindanao.  Many businesses are branching out in Davao taking advantage of its progress.

One of the observable developments is the growth of Davao's infrastructure. There is a noticeable growth in Davao City property sector. Given Davao City's fast progress comes the need for low cost housing development where migrating people from neighboring provinces can dwell.

Below is the list of low cost subdivisions with affordable housing packages for you to take advantage.

Davao Low Cost Housing - South Side of Davao

Apo Highlands Subdivision - Catalunan Grande, Davao City - this subdivision offers low cost to middle cost housing.  It offers several house model for you to choose - Tulip, Jasmin, Cattleya, Melchora, Waling-Waling and Bungalow house and lot packages. This is developed by Primeland Properties.

Amorsolo Homes Mintal - a low cost housing in Angalan, Mintal, Davao City.  It offers a number of model houses like Francisco, Toelentino, Abueva and Manansala models.  This project is developed by Mountain Haven.

  • CrestView Homes - Mintal - is a new low cost housing in Ula, Mintal, Tugbok District Davao City. It offers 2 house models - Diantha and Helena
  • Deca Homes Catalunan Grande - is located along the highway of Catalunan Grande, Davao City.
  • Deca Homes Toril- this is an upcoming affordable housing project of 8990 Housing Development Corp.
  • Granville Subdivision - This project is selling like hot cake.  Build in quality and affordability, it is a click to homebuyers.  It is located in Catalunan Pequeno, Davao City.  This project is developed by Prestige Homes and Realty Corporation
  • Granville III - Catalunan Pequeño - this is an expansion of Granville Subdivision
  • Elenita Height|Park Villas - Mintal - this sbudivision is an expansion of Elenita Heights Phase 1, 3 and Garden Villas.  It is a big community of about 2,500 house and lot units.  This is developed by Uraya Land Development.  Their lates project is Uraya Residences, also in Catalunan Grande.
  • Greenwoods Subdivision - Mintal - This is a low cost housing project of Kisan Lu lands. Located Mintal, Davao City, just along the road going to Deca Mintal.
  • Villa Sofia Subdivision - is a new housing development by South Dev.  It is located in Ula, Tugbok near Mintal, Davao City

Davao Low Cost Housing - North Side of Davao

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