Thursday, November 3, 2011

Preparing For our Company Party

Yesterday we have no work since it's Halloween. So my office mates called me up asking for my help in preparing the prizes and games for our upcoming party for our organization. We were decorating walls, wrapping prizes and also preparing for parlor games.

We have prepared plenty of games for our party this coming Friday from Paper Dance, Trip to Jerusalem and more. We were like kids in that room laughing, cracking jokes and even playing the games we have prepared. Then some of my office mate decided to do a Tomato Dance - the one where in you put a tomato on your forehead and holding it together with your partners forehead while dancing. Then suddenly they just started throwing tomatoes at each other and at our office mate, it's a Food Fight!!! We started grabbing some of the tomatoes and joined the fray. It was fun, hmm we already have fun before the party started hahahahaha.

Oh what a day, we finished all the preparations and headed back home and going back to being adults again. It's fun being young at heart for once in a while.

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