Monday, October 3, 2011

Durian Season in Davao City

The season for fruit harvest usually starts in the month of August to October here in Davao City. But last August, there have been few fruits yet. During the end of September, we started seeing durian sold in the sidewalk of streets. Now, you can see lots of durian literally everywhere in Davao City. This is a sign that production is high and so, prices are also plunging. Durian eaters take advantage of this peak season because prices are low plus the fact that there are a lot of durians to choose from. There are also various varieties like the native variety, arancillo, chanee, cob, montong and others.

Me and hubby are durian eaters and our little girls loves it too. We bought several kilos and stored the durian meat in the fridge. The price per kilo this time ranges from 30-50 depending on the variety.


  1. long time no eat durian . hope can eat when i go back my hometown

  2. Waahh how i wish to eat durian. Sabi nila its delicious raw. Expensive dito eh.



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