Monday, September 5, 2011

Treat for Grannies

Every day is Grandparent’s Day this week at SM City Davao. Paying tribute to the hip and cool grandparents, SM City Davao is hosting a weeklong celebration for your favourite grannies!

On September 4, the celebration kicks off with a fun and exciting Line Dancing at the Event Centre. Lolos and lolas also get a chance to win prizes during the activity.

From September 5 to 11, capture those bonding moments at the mall with lolo and lola at the “I Love Lolo and Lola” Photo Area.

Find great deals and bargains with unique articles from SM Davao’s Grandparent’s day Flea Market which is open for business on September 9 to 11.

Lola loves the kitchen? Take her to the Cooking with Sunnex free cooking demo at the SM Foodcourt on September 11. Cap the Sunday afternoon with a trip down memory lane with Grandpa at the Bloomfields Mall show at 4 PM featuring tunes from yesteryears.

Give lolo and lola an experience they will never forget. Surprise them a trip to the mall where we all come together—SM City Davao!


  1. Happy grandparents's day to all the grannies.

  2. Great that SM is celebrating this week a Grandparents Day. This is a great tribute to all lolos and lolas. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. How I wish my grandparents are all still alive. I do miss them so much.

  4. @ John. Yes, happy grandparent's day to all grannies. They deserve our attention and care:).Thanks for visiting and commenting:).

    @ Sir Mel. SM is really is a big part of any celebration we have. Thanks for the visit and comment. God bless you too and take care.

    @ Eric. Yeah, I also miss my grannies in my paternal side since they are already gone. I miss the days when they took care of us when we were young. Thanks for the comment and visit:).

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