Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chevy here in our City

When the first Chevrolet Car store arrived here in our city, the first thing that came to my mind is would bumblebee be showcased there? hahahaha. If you're not familiar with bumblebee, he's the part of the Autobots in the hit movie Transformer where robots transform into a vehicle. In bumblebee's case, he transforms into a Chevy Camaro. I went to the Chevy store together with my hubby but no Camaro or Bumblebee around.

My husband on the other hand didn't care what model is showcased in the store. As long as it's a pickup truck. Well, can't blame him, guys really like big cars, and my hubby wants a Chevrolet Silverado because whats there to explain? It's big, powerful and sleek. But he has no intention of buying one because he's having second thought on the availability of the parts and the number of car shops that is well verse in maintaining and fixing a Chevy Brand. Besides, if only a few car shop would cater a Chevy, a simple brake job would cost you much, because they would increase the price knowing you won't have any other choices.

His friend Orvile from Dallas once said to him, no matter what brand the car you buy what's important is the car parts availability in the market and the number of car shops that know how to handle a Chevy. Orville even has to shop around in some of Dallas auto repair shop for some advice on what brand of cars that he wont have a problem looking for parts in case of trouble.
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  1. true... mao balik mi sa toyota...kay naa parts bisag sa kilid-kilid.. hahaha.. salamat diat sa laag sam... katong WP.. para familiar ka sa dashboard sugod ug free account sa

  2. Well, I have an Chevy Optra here in Cagayan de Oro City and because of NO after sales service available around and parts the Optra spent half of it's time in the garage due to several engine trouble on various occasions. I end up shipping the unit to Cebu City (after more than a year of idle gathering dust) for engine repair and cost me P120,000.00 all in all. After less than a month it arrived here in Cagayan de Oro the engine started to breakdown again.

    If you want a BIG headache in maintaining a car in the long run then buy a CHEVY! I made some friends in here with same problem with their chevy after hoping from one service shop to another and met them along the way. I may start to create a club here, who knows how many frustrated Chevy owners are here in my city alone.

  3. That is so true with our chevy zafira. Stayed in chevy manila for 6 months while waiting for the transmission thingy to arrive from germany ( does it take that long to ship from germany??) . Then when it finally came out, u can hear all kinds of sound from the engine, when u are on Parking or on reverse! So we decided to bring it to mindanao. Well, wrong decision again cozmno shop knows how to fix a chevy, if theydo they only say its ' temporary'..oh well!

  4. So, you got an itch for a Chevy, an American Icon.
    Don't scratch it with Chevrolet. There is absolutely no service or parts in Mindanao that is worth knowing about. Mechanics say "HUH" I never heard of that. You need what part, no not in stock we will try Manila, and they never call you back.
    If you just have to buy a Chevrolet, Buy 2 of the same model and keep one for Spare Part, Go to an automotive college that teaches HIGH TECH auto repair University,and where is that ? say what, you heard the word.
    If Chevrolet wants to contact me for a customer opinion survey, I will be glad to give it to them.
    Yes I live in Mindanao and I am embarrassed to say I own a Chevrolet Optra Deluxe 1.6 2004 model less than 50,000 KM....You Can Buy a Lemon or a Lemon Tree.The Tree is Cheaper.



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